A Change Of Plans is the second episode of Season 2. The episode premiered on November 30, 2012 as part of an hour-long special. It is preceded by Lions, Texans, and Turkeys, Oh My!


 Ish is at home with his parents and Ash enjoying Thanksgiving football games when he hears a news report saying how football players for the Texans (remember that this episode aired after the first) are falling ill. This is due to the absence of Houston's Megacore. Ish and Ash head to RZ's where Ash is formally introduced and given a trial run on being a Guardian. After heading to Dallas and fending off a Scorpion Blitz Bot, Ash tells Ish she can't remain a Guardian because her dad found work in Dubai and the two will be moving. Ish wants Ash to ask her dad to reconsider and she says she'll try. During the car ride home, Ash and her father are attacked by Wild Card. She manages to fend him off long enough to where Wild Card retreats due to his failing energy. Ash then returns to Dallas to assist Ish in defeating Drop Kick and his Megacore enhanced Scorpion Blitz Bot, protecting a Megacore while regaining the one previously lost and gaining her Shield Coin in the process. They then return to Ish's house where Ash's dad informs her that they won't be moving after all.


Ash joins Ish as a Guardian, becoming a dynamic duo that defends the NFL. In real life, Washington won 38-31 instead of the Cowboys in the episode. At the end of the episode, Marty says "Hurry up guys! The third game's about to start!" That game was between the Patriots and the Jets, with New England winning 49-19.