Ish Taylor is the main protaganist of the shows under the name NFL Rush Zone, and one of the website's mascots.

An African-American and a natural-born leader. He is hip, funny, smart, insightful, caring and brave. He loves video games and football and has a winning personality that endears him to his community. Ish was the very first Guardian. In the second season, NFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians, Ish is an 11 year old living with his family (Shandra and Matt Taylor) in their new home of Canton, Ohio, and is captain of his local football team. With more training and experience than before, he is able to manifest a power armor with various abilities that consists of a football uniform plus full helmet via his new NFL-R watch with an inserted shield coin by shouting "Enter the Rush Zone!" and turning the dial. He is soon joined by several new Guardians with similar power armors, one of which is his old friend Ash, and works together with them to protect the 32 Megacores from the evil Wild Card's clutches. In the season 2 finale he sacrificed his Guardian powers to defeat Wild Card. His guardian powers later upgraded in season 3. His favorite team is the San Diego Chargers.