Kick It Up A Notch is the third episode of Season 2. It originally aired on December 7, 2012. The featured game is between the Patriots and the Dolphins, two AFC East rivals.


At the end of a game with five seconds on the clock, Ash fails to make a game winning kick, which she berates herself for. Troy admonishes her for it, before being called out by Tua and the other guys. This weight of failure carries over to the mission in Foxborough, where she loses to a Mimic Blitz Bot, embarrassing herself. During the game the next day, they return to Foxborough in anticipation for another attack form the Mimic Blitz Bot. There, Ash meets Stephen Gostkowski and obtains advice and wisdom from him. Ish confronts the Mimic and ends up immobilized, leaving Ash to take it down on her own. With her new peace of mind, Ash defeats the Mimic Blitz Bot by reflecting it's freeze ray back at it. Gostkowski was also immobilized, and he returned just in time for the game-winning field goal. He nails it, and the crowd goes wild. Later, during the Hall of Fame game, Troy apologizes to Ash for his earlier behavior. Finding herself in a similar situation as before, Ash scores the kick that wins the game for her team.


This is the first episode of the show to air by itself, as just a regular 30-minute episode. New England is Ash's favorite team, so she felt excited about it. Also, this episode introduces Mr. Servantes, the director of the HOF, and his son Ricky, who is an ally to the team...most of the time.